Tuesday, October 23


Yeah!!! We are so excited to see all you Las Vegans. We will be coming to Las Vegas Special Meeting. So see you Sunday.

Thursday, October 18

Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Gail's Visit

It was so nice of them to come and visit, and on top of that they brought a piano for my mom. They were here for 5 days. My mom took them to antique stores. We had a big lasagna dinner and a sing on Friday night. Then we went down to St. George on Sat. so they could visit with Jack and Myrtle Bailey. It was nice and to have them in meeting, especially Wed. night. It was a very welcomed addition to our small bible study here. Oh also my cousin Holly, her daughter Karina, and her mom Tina came up from Vegas to meet us in St. George, on Sunday. Emily loves to play with Karina.

Tuesday, October 9

The title of our blog used to be As The Odens Turn

A little explantion. Some probably already know that As The World Turns is a Soap Opera. A while ago Grandma Oden (Maxine) was calling to see how we were doing here in Panguitch. At that time there was much excitment here (not really the good kind). Not exactly sure how this went but I said some to the effect that is feels like we live in a soap opera here. And Grandma said "yeah. As The Odens Turn." Well things have cooled down here, not only the weather. Anyway it's time to change the name.

Monday, October 1

Denver Trip

We looked forward to this for quite a while. It went feally fast. We got to see some good friends and some family. We got to eat at some places we used to love to eat and dont have here or even Vegas. Black Eyed Pea, and Good Times. We had a lot of fun. We even started to get some things going for a business up there (we thought we were gonna move). It was nice to have a vacation, but we sure missed the girls and were ready to get back. Next time we'll definitely have to take the girls.

This is Keystone, where we spent our honeymoon 5 years ago.

Picture it with snow on it.

These next few are of downtown Littleton, close to the apt. I lived in with Kristi and Helen.

My Brother who is making a short little trip out to see us soon.

This is my very long-time friend, Alyssa (who should start a blog), and her fiance Andrew. sorry the pic is kinda blurry I'll get a better one.

Some pics of the hotel we stayed in.

This is the view from our hotel. Go to priceline.com if you're going on a trip!!! You can say what quality of hotel you want and in what area, and still name your own price. We stayed in a 3 star hotel (usually $199 a night). We got it for $5o a night! It wasn't on colfax either(that's like one of the bad parts of denver).

It's was kinda cold and rainy on the way home, but did get some shots of the beautiful changing trees. By the way this is all on the way back.

On our way home

The car we rented