Tuesday, May 27

Photo Shoot by Emily

This was a while ago, I just forgot to post it. Emily has a little play camera and she was telling Kiera how to sit so she could take her pictures.

More Dresses From Grandma

THANKS Grandma!!!

A Daddy's Girl

A New Toy

Swimming Fun

The girls had fun in their little pool. This was a while ago, before the bad weather.

Just Showin Off

My mom made this dresses for them. These were taken a few weeks ago after bible study.

Tuesday, May 13


Kiera and Emily go down for naptime in between 1:30 to 2pm everyday, but occasionally Kiera zonks out at little early. On these few days sometimes she is still eating her lunch. I've seen her falling sleep in her chair before but usually she has her eyes closed and and she's just doing the motions (like she picking up food and putting it in her mouth, but nothing is there, which is funny to see, too). This is the first time I've seen this. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt later. Of course pictures never do it justice...

Wednesday, May 7

Springtime in our little part of Utah

My little chickadees are ready for summer...

One morning last week I was especailly looking forward to a nice day of outdoor activities. I open the front door to go out a turn on the water for the lawn, and this is what was out there. Yeah that's snow!!!

This is one of Mom's tulips she needs to water...

Mom and the girls one day when we went on our walk.

Friday, May 2

Link Fixed

Sorry about that folks! you may now look at Byran and Anna's wedding pics...