Thursday, December 15

Random Thoughts

The thing about looking back too much, or forward for that matter is that you miss seeing what is around you in the present. I have 3 little faces that smile at me everyday, and a husband that loves me beyond words, a roof over our heads and food on our table. As I write this my heart and my eyes overflow. The Lord has blessed me so....

Just Love Making Memories

I think, correct me if I'm wrong here Mom, that we have made gingerbread houses every year since Emily was born. We have tired something a little different, this year. Everybody got to make their own. It work really well. Alterations we well make for next year: don't wake Ryan up early from his nap (lol). Use small milk cartons for support. (picked up this idea while making gingerbread houses with Kiera's class today.)

You can tell Ryan favorite part of this fun-filled afternoon. :)

This is Ryan finished product. Lol yes, he ate most the candy off before I could get a picture.

The girls have fun decorating and being creative.

All three finish products

This Kiera's finished product from school.

Tuesday, December 6

A Late Thanksgiving Post

Yes this is us in November outside with no coats on!!! Doesn't Nashville sound great?!?! Honestly I have to say, being the Colorado girl I am, I miss the snow at this time of year.
Being together with family is the most precious gift anyone can give or recieve!!

Wishing all of you a joyous holiday season.

Sunday, November 20


Thankful for....

My girls

Fall beauty

My little guy

Love, Family

My bigger guy

Friday, November 11

Veterans Day

As we all think of soldiers today, please think of this one and the fiance he left behind, too. Thanks Chris for your service and sacrifice !! Steve and I and our kids are sorry we never got to meet you. Tory, you've been so strong, and we're here for you.

Wednesday, November 9

Blog Make-over NEEDED

lol How can I make this thing look cute?

Tuesday, November 8

'Bout time for an update? I think sooo!!!

Well... We're moved in. *Whew* lol

This is our humble abode. It still needs some work, but it's got a roof that doesn't seem to leak and running water and electricity. what more could we ask for to start over in a new state?
The girls have started at their new school, and (according to one of the office ladies, who has had 2 children go through this school) my girls got the 2 best teachers in the school.

I am just in awe of the colors around here. The reds, golds, and oranges!!! I've never been a big fan of these colors, ahhh I just love them right now!!!!

HAHA as I rave about the colors my pics I post don't have much color. gonna work on getting some better ones.

all for now folks

Tuesday, September 27

just gotta post something

Miss Em has now lost all 4 front teeth. yes this picture from a while ago (need to take a new one).
Definitely more blogging to come. This month is sure to be quite memorable, definitely something to blog about. :-)

Wednesday, July 13

What A BEAUTIFUL morning!!!

This morning I am asking myself "Why don't I get up this early every morning?" I feel inspired, more clear-headed, just peacefully, joyful. Is it merely this time of day when the sunshine is so soft and the air still cool? or is it the peace of the house (absence of yelling or feet running or mommy where's my snack?)? maybe both and that I get that time to sit down and read my bible... so many things to ponder :)


Thursday, May 26

An Inspiring, Wonderful Day

It's amazing what a couple of hours to recharge can do for you... My sis-on-law and I got a couple 'just mommy hours' yesterday. Then we took the kids to the splash pad for some fun.

Saturday, February 19

Counting Blessings

or what's on my mind...
I am by no means a writer, but here's what I've been thinking this morning...
When I'm about to cry because I don't know what to do with cranky, short-tempered kids: I think of how sweet they are (when they are sweet) and how precious they are to me. Don't know what I'd do with out them

And when I start feeling some self pity that I don't get to go out shopping (without the kids), cuz Hubby's not home to watch them: I remember that the reason he is not home is because he is making it possible for me to have the previledge to choose. To choose between being a stay-at-home-Mom or working outside of our home. And to me that is priceless. I count it one of my greatest blessings to be able spend my days with my kids. Which allows to hear Ryan every time pronounces a new word for the first time. Or watch the process of Emily learning to read. Or see all of Kiera's hundred expressions (she makes me laugh, I think, almost everyday). So here is to my husband (words can't express how much I love him, hence the absence of a adjective in front husband)
Mmmm... I have more blessings to count, but my heart is full now, so I'll save those for later. <3