Thursday, April 30

A wild pansy????

This pansy is my garden. Since we've lived here I've planted iris, roses, petunia, violets, ivy, mint, sage, strawberries, and many vegetables; but not a single pansy. Where did it come from??? I'm bewildered.

Kiera's napping place

Kiera likes to lay on the towels on the shelf in the bathroom. Guess she takes after me. Most of the time I could sleep just about anywhere.

Our snow storm (couple weeks ago)

Monday, April 27

Sweet Girls

An old picture that was in my photobucket album.

Sunday, April 26

Little Mr. Oden Update

Well, doing alright. Counting the days 'til I can safely deliver in Panguitch. :) If my water was to brake in the next 18 days, they would fly my to Provo to deliver the baby. They assume (up until 37 weeks) that the baby might need the NICU. I've been having a few contractions here and there, but nothing has gotten too serious. So we just keep taking it easy. I'll try to get a new pic posted soon.

Saturday, April 11

A conversation just overheard...

Emily: "Ok, you want to get married?"
Kiera: "Yes"
E ("reading" a book): "Ok, step #1, Hmmm, ok. step #2, Ahha. Ok, now I know how to married you. And then you have a party."
Where she came up with that I have no idea. Isn't it funny kids imaginations?

Thursday, April 2


Today is Emily's birthday. She was somewhat confused when I told her happy birthday this morning, because we had her birthday party on Tuesday so Grandma Johnnalee and Pop could come. I think shes got it now. Anyhow... We had homemade pizza, cake with dirt and worms (oreo crumbs and gummy worms), ice cream, and plenty of gifts from each set of grandparents, and Daddy n Mommy. will post some pics tonight.