Monday, April 26

Emily cracks me up this morning

We recently heard a commercial for some kind of fun thing that was going to be down town. We only heard the last little part of it.
So on the way to school today...
Emily: "Mom, Can I ask you a question? (she says that all the time lately)
Mom: "yes Dear"
E: "Remember that commercial about free games and food venders and...?" (there a whole bunch of stuff) "When is that?"
M: "I don't know Babe. I didn't hear that part of the commercial."
E: "OH." :( and a pause "Well is it tomorrow?"
M: "Don't know Sweetie."
E: "Is it tonight?"
M: "I don't know." (shrug +eye contact)
E: "Maybe it is the day after tomorrow. Is it that day?"
This is when I started to crack up. "I really don't know Emily."

She seem to be convince if she kept asking, she'd hit the right day then I'd Know.
It made me laugh, and that's good for a Monday morning. Well and we had green lights ALL the way through town. :D

Family B-B-Que last weekend

Brooke took some really great pictures when they were up here last weekend. THANKS BROOKE!!! yeeeeahhhh.... I'm just getting them on. That's me! Usually runnin' behind. :D

Off to the park...

Frog huntin'

Don't Kiera and Cole look a like?

Wednesday, April 14

One of the coolest parks in St George

This is Pioneer Park. It's a fun place to hike around in. Cool rocks to climb up on, and an awesome view.

Let's rock and roll

I walk in to the kitchen this morning, to find Kiera doing Ryan's hair for him. LOL!! Really, already?

Just gettin inta stuff...

A view of this little punkin head's curly locks. :D HAIRCUT TIME!! :D

Monday, April 12

Ryan Update

Ryan's Doc. referred us to this place called The Learning Center. So far I am very pleased with them. A lady came out and did an evaluation on Ryan, at our house. She said " He is basically a 12 month old form the waist up, and a 7 month from the waist down. He is advanced in language, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills, but behind in social/emotional, and gross motor skills. How did such a gap develop? I'm not quite sure, but it does make a lot of sense to me. So we're working on he gross motor skills (crawling, sitting himself up) first and them we'll go from there. I'm very hopeful... :D

Friday, April 9

Da'ya think we'll ever be done? (Moving in)

feels like we're getting closer. Hope we actually are.
Found a fun new nightly activity. There is a bike trail that start near our new house. It runs a long a little creek with tons of frogs, and goes by a park. That's all we saw of it tonight anyway.
Yep think I'm gonna like living over on this side of town... :D

Wednesday, April 7

Friday, April 2

To Emily... With Love, Mom

Five years ago right about this time you were set on my tummy, and I saw you for the first time. You were the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. The most wonderful thing I'd ever felt. And I cried and I cried and I cried. Tears of joy! You've grown so much!! Through the time it was just the 2 of us living in Panguitch, with Grandma Johnalee, and then in our little tiny cabin. And you were such a trooper for those 9 weeks Mommy was in the hospital. You've seen 2 babies come and move in to our home, and you let them moved right in to your heart, too didn't you?
I love how you love to go to school. You even try to convince me that your not sick when you are, because you don't like to miss school.
I love the way you sing "HEY SOUL SISTER..."
I love how you love your sister and brother.
It amazes me how grown up you are, but I love that sometimes you still crawl up into my lap and want me to rock you.
I love that you are curious and always wanting learn.

I love YOU my brown eyed, precious girl... my sweet one and only Emily

Thursday, April 1

Where's my brain? Has anybody seen it?

I went all day today thinking it was the last day of March. Even AFTER I saw that it was april 1st and wrote 4-1-10 on something. Seriously???? Emily even told me " I think there is a bird flying around up in there. pointing to my head.