Sunday, November 9

Oden's Update

It's been a while... I haven't fallen off the face on the earth, just the blogger wagon for a bit. I'm back with big news. I'm pregnant!!! the girls are very excited. Emily told me one day that if we have a boy we should name him
"Frank Johnson". not sure if she meant that first and middle name or what, but she was so happy with herself, I could help but laugh. so that's kinda the baby's nickname for now.

Thursday, August 14

It's always a treat to get a card in the mail

Emily reading their card from great grandma Pearl, to Kiera. Thanks Grandma, We miss you too.

Friday, July 25

I Got Tagged. : )

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I like to quilt. I currently have about 5 projects going.

2. I have 2 daughters, whom I love dearly!

3.I do not have a "job" outside our home, but as any mother can tell you a 2 and a 3 year old, 3 meals/a day, dishes, laundry and picking up toys constantly are plenty of work.

4. I have a garden (that's not doing particularly well this year).

5. We have 8 chicken. They lay eggs, and the girls love to collect them (the eggs that is).

6. I'd like to travel more often.

7. The longest I've ever been in the hospital is 9 weeks (64 days). I've only been in 3 other times, all lasting less than a day.

For some reason it won't publish the links. I have the links on this screen (editing post), but it doesn't show on my blog. oh well...

Wednesday, July 16

Kiera's Birthday

The big kids were so gracious to help. :)

"You can do it, Kiera"

Riverton 2008

Can you guess where they are heading????

I had a little fun on photobucket with this one.

Tuesday, May 27

Photo Shoot by Emily

This was a while ago, I just forgot to post it. Emily has a little play camera and she was telling Kiera how to sit so she could take her pictures.

More Dresses From Grandma

THANKS Grandma!!!

A Daddy's Girl

A New Toy

Swimming Fun

The girls had fun in their little pool. This was a while ago, before the bad weather.

Just Showin Off

My mom made this dresses for them. These were taken a few weeks ago after bible study.

Tuesday, May 13


Kiera and Emily go down for naptime in between 1:30 to 2pm everyday, but occasionally Kiera zonks out at little early. On these few days sometimes she is still eating her lunch. I've seen her falling sleep in her chair before but usually she has her eyes closed and and she's just doing the motions (like she picking up food and putting it in her mouth, but nothing is there, which is funny to see, too). This is the first time I've seen this. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt later. Of course pictures never do it justice...

Wednesday, May 7

Springtime in our little part of Utah

My little chickadees are ready for summer...

One morning last week I was especailly looking forward to a nice day of outdoor activities. I open the front door to go out a turn on the water for the lawn, and this is what was out there. Yeah that's snow!!!

This is one of Mom's tulips she needs to water...

Mom and the girls one day when we went on our walk.

Friday, May 2

Link Fixed

Sorry about that folks! you may now look at Byran and Anna's wedding pics...

Tuesday, April 29

...From Bryan and Anna's Wedding

These were taken by the photographer at wedding. These and other pictures can be viewed on his website: (link on sidebar)

Emily was being quite ornry.

Kiera after few chocolate covered strawberries

Thursday, April 24


I missed some of the cutest pictures when I did the first post.

Wishful Thinking

It was pretty windy out. That's I say wishful thinking, I was hoping that we'd have a nice picnic, but it was short. A little time out, anyway...

Wednesday, April 23

San Deigo

We hit the beach sat morning before we headed back home.

Kiera at the wedding. This one and the one of Emily are the only pictures I got at the wedding. It was a little hot for Kiera, I guess. She was pretty ornery.

Daddy trying to get Kiera to try the water. She didn't like it.

Emily loves to swing. She tried to con everyone into believing she can't do it by herself (but we learned she can). She'd do it when she thought no one was looking, and no one would come push her. She could talk soft-hearted Gramma Maxine into doing the job.

"Ahhh... This is the life..."

I love all beautiful plants Bill and Maxine have

...on the way down