Sunday, December 30

Charlie (dad's dog)

He is gettin' pretty big. He knocks the girls over everytime they play.

We now have only 9 chickens : (

A few nights ago one of the chickens (a gold one name suzie) got crowded out of the chicken house. It's odd cuz it's never happened before. As you can imagine, in our near 0 degree weather she didn't make it through the night outside and without out the warmth of the other chickens. The other ones are doing pretty good in this cold weather. Growing all their feather back and two are still laying eggs every once in a while. This is a pic of the bigger one (on the left, the egg on the right is a store bought large egg). It's so cold here, the last two times there were eggs out there, they froze and broken from expanding. Guess we need a heat lamp....

Thursday, December 27

Kiera's sick

Kiera's had a fever (on and off) since Sunday morning. I finially took her the doctor, yesterday. They think she's got strep. Starting to feel much better today. Hopefully she'll start sleeping better tonight. Last night was one of those up/down, up/down... Not a lot of sleep for either of us.

Tuesday, December 25

Thursday, December 20


Left to Right: Skyler, Tom, Titus Front: Suzie, Pat

Guys doing dishes, Johnalee came to bible study. It was great to have her there.

We planned a Potluck for Wednesday dinner. It was suppose to be at my mom's house, but she got the flu Wed morning, so we had it at Brookes house. Then we had bible study at our house.

My dad, Bob and Yvonne visiting

Micheal and Caralyn visiting, Steve dazing

Wednesday, December 19

Very, very late Thanksgiving Pictures

Emily and Kiera

The Cousins

Our Family

Mom and Dad and Emily

Dinner at Grandma Johnalee's House.

Curls: Natural and Unnatural

They say each child can be as different from the other as night and day. I have a feeling my girls are going to be like that. I put Emily's hair in curlers.

This is what is looked like for about an hour after I took them out. The curls were totally gone after 2 hours. On the other there is Kiera with her totally notural curl.

Sunday, December 9

Funny Things Kids Say

We were just sitting around this afternoon while Emily and Kiera were playing. Emily was doing her little giggling and wiggling act. This partiticular time she was about halfway falling off a chair. Steve says "Careful (and then adds, almost an afterthought) Spazz." (that was a fairly accurate, though very 80's, name for her at that moment). She replies with that great come back starter, "You're a careful spazz!"

Saturday, December 1

Our First Significant Snow

Thanks for the comments! I was starting to wonder if anyone was looking at our blog. good know that someone is.