Thursday, December 15

Random Thoughts

The thing about looking back too much, or forward for that matter is that you miss seeing what is around you in the present. I have 3 little faces that smile at me everyday, and a husband that loves me beyond words, a roof over our heads and food on our table. As I write this my heart and my eyes overflow. The Lord has blessed me so....

Just Love Making Memories

I think, correct me if I'm wrong here Mom, that we have made gingerbread houses every year since Emily was born. We have tired something a little different, this year. Everybody got to make their own. It work really well. Alterations we well make for next year: don't wake Ryan up early from his nap (lol). Use small milk cartons for support. (picked up this idea while making gingerbread houses with Kiera's class today.)

You can tell Ryan favorite part of this fun-filled afternoon. :)

This is Ryan finished product. Lol yes, he ate most the candy off before I could get a picture.

The girls have fun decorating and being creative.

All three finish products

This Kiera's finished product from school.

Tuesday, December 6

A Late Thanksgiving Post

Yes this is us in November outside with no coats on!!! Doesn't Nashville sound great?!?! Honestly I have to say, being the Colorado girl I am, I miss the snow at this time of year.
Being together with family is the most precious gift anyone can give or recieve!!

Wishing all of you a joyous holiday season.