Tuesday, May 19

My Precious Emily...

4 years old already. How has 4 years gone so fast? Already done with your first year of preschool. Tying your shoes all by yourself. And boy do have a mind of your own!?!?!?! Sometimes I look at you, and think your too smart to be only 4. You love to play hopscotch, go fish, old maid, blow bubbles, go for walks with Mommy and Kiera, jump on the trampoline, play in your little pool, or have a book read to you . You'd rather not have your hair done, stay at home for a whole day, or pick up toys. Hesitant to try new food, but once you do you usually like it. Love spaghetti and lasagna, and surprisingly you like a lot of fruits and vegetables. You start crying if you ever see me crying. There was time when it was just you and me. You were my first baby, and now your oldest girl. You are amazing, funny, unique, smart, tenderhearted, beautiful, inquisitive... precious to my heart.

A Good Laugh

Kiera's really started to sing a lot, lately. Mary Had a Little Lamb seems to be her favorite. So when John and Jim came to visit and have dinner Saturday, she was preforming, as usual. As they were leaving and saying goodbye, she starts again. Except this time it went (with the same tune of course) "Mary had a John and Jim, John and Jim, John and Jim." Now that's her favorite song, likely because of the reaction she got from everyone within hearing distance.

Tuesday, May 5

Kiera at home with Mommy

Kiera and I enjoy our time just the two of us. Emily will be out of school soon, and then shortly after we'll be joined by one more. Savoring these moments.