Monday, May 31

It Wont Be Like This For Long

In the car the other day we heard the song It Wont Be Like This for Long, by Darius Rucker (the led singer for Hootie and the Blowfish turned country star). It gets me everytime! I told Emily I really like this song. She noticed I was tearing up, and and asked why I like it so much. I explained that it reminds of her, and that she wont be my little girl for very long. "Mmmmm..." she says then in her most convincing, it's-really-ok-mom voice she says "I'll be 5 for a really long time." tears in my eyes I answer, "I know it seems like a really long time to you, but it goes by in a blink of an eye, to me." :)

Memorial Day Weekend

A race

" yeah!! I won!!"

"Let's go again. I'm ready..."

Little man watching Daddy out the window

Steve and Ken finished the roof on the shed.

Our Little Camper

Steve's been fixin' up this lil 23 foot camper. It's been fun. Look forward to camping this summer.



Thursday, May 6

My Paycheck (Thanks Renee) :)

I just read a friend's (Shepard News) latest blog post. She reminded me of why I love what I do.

Kiera announced she was going to go play in the back yard. Here's what I found when I went to check on her a couple minutes later. "Whatcha doin?"
I ask. Her first response was "the rock are thirsty. I'm giving them a drink." then a couple minutes later (we were still outside) it changed to "the rocks need a bath. This is their bath in here."

This is Emily, the new mother. She picked up a roly poly. "Mom, can I keep it? What can I put it in?" I gave her a baby food jar. "What do roly polies eat? Do they drink anything? What do they like to play on? Mom will you take a picture of me and my new baby?" Who knew kids could be so entertaining.

This little boy just loves both of his sisters dearly!!!!