Monday, January 21

One Short Day in Vegas

Steve has been working down in Las Vegas with his cousin Brian. He took me down for a little visit. It was really great to meet Anna. I hope to keep in touch and continue getting to know her. There aren't any pics of poor John 'cuz he is sick.
Brian and Anna

Jackie and Courtney

Cathy and Anna in Cathy's beautiful kitchen.

In Ted and Cathy's backyard.

Ted and Brian grilling our tasty dinner.

Brent, crazy Brent

Monday, January 14


Crafts of Late

This skirt was really fast and easy. If you want to know how to do it, check out our crafters journey link.

Monday, January 7

A Heavy Snow

We had quite a bit of snow last night. Our power went out. We assume the snow is why. Anyway the power was out from about 9pm until about 4:30am. It got kinda cold, but we have lots of blanket, so we were all right. The whole town was out. It was really dark outside, and kinda cool.

Tuesday, January 1

Uncle Daren visited us for Christmas

I felt inspired to work on a quilt I started for him a long time ago. The main part is together, just needs borders, then backing, quilting, and binding.