Wednesday, January 28

22 Weeks

well today marks 22 weeks. It's going well so far, just prayin' it'll be smooth sailing the whole way. :)

Tuesday, January 27

Fun Day

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out today. Feeling pretty good. ;)

Sunday, January 25


My little pirates. "Arrgggghh!!" This was a craft project we did. The idea came from Kids craft weekly. Thanks Jessica. I found that site on her blog. :)

Friday, January 16

Tea Party

Emily loves this tea set she got from Gramma Johnnalee. She always wants to have tea parties. She invites Kiera and Mommy for real tea with sugar and cream.

Tuesday, January 6

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!

Had my ultrasound today. Everyone in town says our ultrasound tech is really good, and he was pretty convincing to me. He was right about Kiera, so I think I'll believe him. :) We are more excited than words can express.

Friday, January 2

Possibly the Girls Favorite Gift

Kiera and Emily absolutely love their art kits. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, water color paint, scissor, paper, and glue. They have so much fun.


Brooke, Cole, Steve, the girls and I went sledding a couple weeks ago. So fun... We have a great place to sled here in Panguitch, and it seems like nobody else knows about it.

Winter Fun

Well... it was fun for the first few days. not so much anymore.

This is the mini snowwoman we built.


Here are our little girls as Jan. 2nd 2009.
New Years Resolution: Keep up on blogging.