Sunday, November 20


Thankful for....

My girls

Fall beauty

My little guy

Love, Family

My bigger guy

Friday, November 11

Veterans Day

As we all think of soldiers today, please think of this one and the fiance he left behind, too. Thanks Chris for your service and sacrifice !! Steve and I and our kids are sorry we never got to meet you. Tory, you've been so strong, and we're here for you.

Wednesday, November 9

Blog Make-over NEEDED

lol How can I make this thing look cute?

Tuesday, November 8

'Bout time for an update? I think sooo!!!

Well... We're moved in. *Whew* lol

This is our humble abode. It still needs some work, but it's got a roof that doesn't seem to leak and running water and electricity. what more could we ask for to start over in a new state?
The girls have started at their new school, and (according to one of the office ladies, who has had 2 children go through this school) my girls got the 2 best teachers in the school.

I am just in awe of the colors around here. The reds, golds, and oranges!!! I've never been a big fan of these colors, ahhh I just love them right now!!!!

HAHA as I rave about the colors my pics I post don't have much color. gonna work on getting some better ones.

all for now folks