Thursday, June 24

Water park

This are a little blurry, cuz they came form my phone, but here they are. We wen to the splash pad and little river in downtown St George tonight. Fun to let the kids play.

Totally Hilarious Car

We saw this in Vegas when we were there a couple weeks ago...
this very short video was all I got of the side, but here is the back. Crazy , huh?

Opps More Memorial Day pics

some great pics I accidentally left off the Memorial Day Weekend post

Cute shirts

their shirts say "Nothing can split us up." thought they are perfect for them.

Lasagna Encounters of the First Kind....

HAHAHAHA this is from a while back. It is the first time I ever feed Ryan lasagna. I thought he might not like the sause but he loved it!!!!

Tuesday, June 22

Riverton 2010

Kiera's mini birthday party

We got to see Uncle Daren...

Some of the attendees of the little b-day party...

The many expressions of Kiera

A good investment...

Monday, June 21

Happy Birthday Kiera!!!!

Thinking back 4 years ago... We were on 2 different floors in the hospital, and all I wanted to do was go see you. I wanted to hold you, but I could do that either for a while. You were sooo tiny, and we we're all worried about you. Six weeks early, but look at you now?!?!?!!? You'd never know. Love your brother and sister, though I think maybe you fight with her more often than love her. Quick to smile and pretty quick tempered too. Bold, curious, creative, adventurous....
You make me smile I love you precious girl!!!!! <3
one of Kiera's latest fashions

Tuesday, June 1

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!!

Blah.. that was a quick shot after the haircut, we'll get a better one tomorrow...
A year has already passed. How can that be?
What can I say about this little love bug? quite the cuddler. Loves sweet potatoes, chicken pot pie, and homemade chicken noddle soup. Walking around with mommy, not quite on his own yet. Sure loves his sisers!!!! Has to give them hugs and kisses every night. And WOW he lights up when he Daddy walks in the room!!
He got his first hair cut today. (Picture to come)