Wednesday, March 26

WOW!! some decent pictures of BOTH my girls

We thought we had bible study, but we didn't. Anyway the girls were all clean and dressed nicely, so we decided to take some pics. I can rarely get A picture of both girls looking at me, or even in the general direction of the camera, so I am pretty happy some of these.

More Outside Fun

The previous post's pics were from yesterday. This are from today. It's been pretty nice here the past 3 days... whew a break from the wind. The last picture is what they looked like when they came in.

Fun outside= Happy girls

Friday, March 21

Special Visitors

Wrena's kids had spring break this week, so they decided to come down and visit us. What a blessing!!!! I didn't realize how much it can affect the girls behavior to have a special treat like that every once in a while. They have been a lot happier and sweeter lately. We made home made pizza and dreamcatchers.

Sunday, March 16

Umm... Oh yeah... It's still winter :(

We were having some pretty nice weather there for a while, I almost forgot it's still wintertime. This is what it looked like outside...

So this is what we looked like inside...

Thursday, March 13

Congratulaltions, congratulations, congrat-u-lations!!!

I've already posted about my friend Alyssa getting married, but they have set a date. August 22.
Brian Johnston (Steve's cousin) and Anna Hoag are tying the knot in Escondido on April 18.
And we have quite a few of our friends that have had babies in the last few months.
Matt and Amanda Leach (Vegas) had a baby girl they named Jayden. Kevin and Jessica Shepard (Vegas) had a little boy, they named Jhett. And Jason and Sarah Sanderson (formerly of Vegas, now Washington state) had a baby boy they named Wade.

Springtime's acoming!!!!

We've finially gotten to be outside a bit! The mud has dried up. It's really nice out when the wind isn't blowing. The girls love to play outside. And I like it when we can take a walk.


Yumm! She just didn't seem to get the idea it's not for eating.

Hmmm... Ice cream

Good to the last drop